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IDE: Eclipse
Project Duration:4 Months

Mazotauro is a 2D java based web RPG game. In Mazotauro there are three different classes you can play: warrior, mage and rogue. Each class has it's own unique way of attacking and killing monsters, mages for instance spread fire in a certain radius around them. The goal of the game is to fight your way through the randomly generated maze to obtain items, gold and experience. There is a town (which you start in) where you can pick up quests, restore your health or purchase items from the merchant with the gold you have earned in the maze. You can equip the items that you find in the inventory window to make your character more powerful.

As you progress through the dungeon you will gain experience from killing monsters and/or completing quests, when you gain enough experience points you will gain a level and your status points will increase. The deeper that you go into the dungeon the more difficult the monsters will become, also each level of the dungeon is randomly generated so the levels will not be the same.


  • 3 playable classes
  • Character creation and naming
  • Account creation
  • A quest that you can complete
  • Equipable items
  • Randomly generated maze levels with increasing difficulty
  • Character progression

My Role in This Project

This project was a team project, however due to issues within the team it became my responsibility to do the majority of the work in order to ensure completion. The specific parts of the project that I worked on are as follows:

  • Domain class diagrams
  • Functional Specification
  • Technical Specification
  • Background Story
  • Progress Reports
  • Task Allocation/Completion Tracking
  • Game Engine
  • Combat System
  • Creation,Population, Implementation and Maintenance of all databases used
  • Maze Generation
  • Monsters
  • Characters (Leveling up stat tracking etc.)
  • Items, Gold and Experience aquisition and tracking

Programming Challenges

There were a few challenges with this project as it was the first game I had ever made. The biggest issues I faced were centered around the fact that we were using a java web app along with MYSQL databases which caused some problems when I was trying to give the game access to the databases. I ended up fixing this by changing some of the environment variables in our linux webserver as well as passing the information that the program needed to find the .jar file for JDBC from our PHP webpage to the program directly.

What also caused quite a few issues is that we did not use any sort of graphics API or libraries for this game, which after having made several more games I now realize that using a graphics API would have made life so much easier. What we ended up doing for the game engine was using the draw functions that are present inside of java to create our game.

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